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Full Ceramic Veneers



What is Full Ceramic?

Names such as, full ceramic, full porcelain, empress, emax represent the same thing. Among the aesthetic dentistry applications, it is the most preferred treatment option together with Laminate Veneer and Zirconium applications.

These coatings, as indicated in their names, are produced from a single type of material, namely porcelain. There is no infrastructure layer as we mentioned for zirconium. Its basis is a crystalline ceramic core, which is strengthened by compression with high pressure. Color transitions and aesthetics are completed by stacking glass ceramics on it.

With their maximum light transmittance and completely crystallized structure, they are the closest results to natural teeth. It is preferred as the most natural tooth coating in cases where color match is critical, aesthetic concerns and expectations are high, such as anterior single tooth restorations. Transparency level, layer colors can be selected in detail. In case of missing teeth, they are not preferred as they will not provide sufficient resistance. Whether it is preferred in the area of large molars; It is evaluated according to the person's jaw relationship, parafunctional habits and chewing analysis.

Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment aims to correct the incompatibility of teeth with each other and among themselves in various ways.

Smile Design

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic dentistry is "smile design".

Dental Veneers

Laminate Veneers, Zirconium Veneers and Full Ceramic Veneers are aesthetic treatments.

Dental Implant

There is the dental implant method, which is a more reliable, more aesthetic, more permanent and ideal method.

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