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What is smile design?

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic dentistry is "smile design". Smile design; It is the process of giving a natural and beautiful appearance to the teeth and gums that have deteriorated aesthetically for various reasons, taking into account the face shapes and needs of the patients. Smile design is a multidisciplinary approach, which is carried out by applying many processes together.

What processes does smile design involve?

Since the aesthetic needs of each patient will be different, the procedures to be performed are determined individually. When determining these procedures, factors such as the patient's facial features, gender, age and expectations are taken into account.

First of all, existing decayed teeth and gum diseases are treated, tooth cleaning procedures are applied. Afterwards, procedures are determined according to the needs of the patients. These processes are generally; gingival aesthetic interventions called gingivectomy, teeth whitening (bleaching) methods, missing tooth treatments with implant and prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates and veneers, zirconium veneers and orthodontic treatments (dental braces treatment).

How is Smile Design done? 

First of all, it is very important to understand the aesthetic expectations and determine the needs of the patient correctly in smile design. Problems are determined and plans are made on the models prepared through the measurements taken from the patient's mouth. Then, with the help of special computer programs, using the oral and facial photographs of the patients, harmony with the face shape is calculated.

The highly realistic after treatment pictures prepared by the mentioned computer programs are presented to the patient and their thoughts and opinions are taken and requested changes are made.


After the planning is completed, if orthodontic treatment is not needed, first, the misalignment in the gums are arranged. In cases where missing tooth are found, planned implant procedures and other surgical applications deemed necessary are performed. After the healing periods of surgical applications are completed, teeth whitening processes are applied if needed. After this stage, visual and morphological defects in the teeth are sometimes corrected by means of aesthetic composite fillings. In cases where this method is not sufficient, porcelain laminates and veneers and zirconium veneers are used. For porcelain laminate applications, either no abrasion or minimal abrasion is performed on the teeth. If porcelain or zirconium applications are deemed appropriate, some changes can be made by taking the patient's ideas during the rehearsals. During all these gingival and dental applications and rehearsals, lip shape and contour are also taken into consideration and the targeted design is finalized.

Sometimes, medical aesthetic applications are also used during smile design. Smile can be featured by Dermal filling on the lips and face areas, etc.


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Smile Design

One of the first concepts that comes to mind when it comes to aesthetic dentistry is "smile design".

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